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    GDPR is an EU law with mandatory rules for how organizations and companies must use personal data in an integrity friendly way. Personal data means any information which, directly or indirectly, could identify a living person. Name, phone number, and address are schoolbook examples of personal data.

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    Use of facial recognition in school subject to GDPR fine (Sweden’s first sanction)

    A public school in Sweden filmed the students to register class attendance. The school is fined with EUR 20 000. The use...

    Cookie consent must be an active choice (5 requirements from CJEU)

    A new ruling in the Planet49 case by the EU Court of Justice (CJEU) states that internet users must actively give their...

    Retention Policy – An overview

    A retention policy is a guide to personnel on how to manage the lifecycle of information from collecting to destroying data. Therefore, the policy...


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